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Kazutaka Koyanagi MDMr. Kazutaka Koyanagi M.D. - Mission Statement
Quality & Price
The Star-Drypak brand follows the same mission statement as our Fortune and Star Company. Our mission is to provide “Quality Products and Quality Service”. Star-Drypak is committed to provide the best possible Quality products to our customers all over the world, at the Right Price.  We will with a passion, provide the best possible innovative products to the global market. Star-Drypak will provide an extensive range of superior products; utilize our expertise in sourcing and supplying, to meet the specifications and requirements of our customers whatever their needs.

Our Code of Ethics

The Star-Drypak team has spent a great deal of time thinking, and determining the fundamentals of our company. Without a company philosophy, the company is aimless of the direction we wish to aim for. We have been able to create and execute a well thought out business plan built upon this philosophy.

Through long hours of thinking, Star-Drypak has determined that our actions will be driven by these values:

  • Dedicate ourselves to every client’s needs and demands.
  • Provide environmentally safe products.
  • Committed to working in partnership with our customers.
  • Sustain and improve our partners performance in the global market.

In today’s world, where everyone is interconnected as well as interdependent on each other, it is essential to work for each other’s success. In order to do that we must continuously innovate and take personal responsibility for all our relationships. This is Star-Drypak’s mission as a brand name, and a goal to work along side our customers to provide “Quality Products Quality Service”, to our partners.

- we will dedicate ourselves to society through our business activities.Philosophy

Life long Partnership

The Star-Drypak team is fully committed to working with in a partnership with our customers and to sustain and enhance their performance in the marketplace. Essentially, the business philosophy of the Star-Drypak group can be summarized by: “Building Partnership Through Quality Service

Concern for Social Responsibility
The company operates its business with responsibility. As a citizen of the world, we will serve our social and communal responsibilities in the areas of business we are located. In addition the company will comply with all laws and regulations regarding the product line we offer.

Adherence to Fairness

The company believes that all those who are involved with our business must be treated with integrity and equality. Whether they are our customers, accountants, sales team, and so forth, they must all be treated equally and fairly.


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