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OxygenThere is about 20.9% of oxygen in the atmosphere. Oxygen is essential for the existence of humans and animals, but when trying to preserve products, especially for food products, it can be a harmful influence.

By accelerating deterioration and becoming an important factor for generating various organisms, it is quite harmful for foods. In order to remove the oxygen from the inner package for foods, we have made the oxygen absorber. Inside the small plastic package containing the food, an oxygen absorber is carefully placed.

The oxygen absorber is selected according to the product water amount or surrounding humidity. Since the oxygen is removed, vitamins, product color and nutrients are prevented from deterioration.

Also, aerobic bacteria and mold growth is suppressed, along with fat acidification. Our product effectively removes oxygen from the products packaging, thus maintaining the products freshness. Oxygen causes a number of deleterious consequences when products are stored for a long periods. In particular, Oxygen causes generation of bacteria to grow, it deteriorates the taste and flavor, it effects the nutritional value of food to the point of the products quality is degraded and no longer contains the specified vitamins and nutritional values. Oxygen absorbers were developed to keep products fresh for long periods by preventing air-friendly germs.

Self -Reaction Type  All-purpose type reaction for high & low moisture O2-zero absorbs the oxygen in the packing container by its own moisture of oxygen absorbing agent, which can be used for a wide range of products from the low-moisture products of less than 10% to high-moisture products of more than 40%. It is divided into initial reaction type and continuous reaction type.  The initial reaction type reacts rapidly. So it is requested that the initial reaction type be put in within 30 minutes after its unsealing. Continuous reaction type can be exposed in the air for 1-2 hours after its unsealing. We have isolated the contamination source fundamentally by using the packing materials of 3-layer breathable-films and Tyvek, which is a Dupont's world patented material. (Application: Cheese, Rice Cakes, Confectionery, Medicines, Grains, Feed Stuff, Bread, Noodles, Tea, Nuts & Fruits, Ham, etc.)

Protects metal from rust, long-term preservation of antiques, works of art and valuble instruments.

Product packing information :

This product is packaged with 30CC, 50CC,100CC, 200CC, 300CC, 500CC, 1,000CC.

Standard packing : 30CC = 6,000 Pcs./Box.

Standard packing : 50CC = 6,000 Pcs./Box.


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