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Company Profile
OverviewOriginally Star-Drypak was a part of the Fortune and Star Co. Ltd., product line but in order to differentiate our products and services we have decided recently to branch off the Star-Drypak brand name to further improve our product line and services to our customers.

Star-Drypak is a leading Thai supplier of packaging products designed to meet the demanding needs of our customers. With a goal driven experienced staff, we promise to continually innovate and promote our superior products into the global market.

Since the launch of Star-Drypak, we have grown steadily and are positioned to provide superior quality products at a reasonable price. We are positioned to provide an edge over our competitors by frequent quality control as well as market research. We are currently working with many corporations and have already built strong relationships throughout the world. Thus, we have the market advantage of providing quality products and quality service at competitive prices.

In the Thai market, Star-Drypak is a leader in the desiccants market. We have many products that can be used for multi purposes. Such products include Silical Gel, Oxygen Absorbers, Desiccant Containers, Dunnage bags, Humidity Indicator Cards, Slip-Sheets, and varieties of packaging material. Along side that we provide an option of allowing our customers to customize our goods to their needs. With on going research and development, we aim to increase our product line by introducing innovative as well as high quality products in to the global market.


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