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plastic slip sheets


slip sheet


Plastic Slip-Sheet Basics
Plastic Slip-Sheets are sheets of thick plastic with a 3-6 inch lip (referred to as a pull tab) on one or more sides that are handled using specialized push/pull attachments mounted on fork lifts trucks. Slip-Sheets cost about 85 percent less than wood pallets, less space is needed for storage and in transport, and the lightness reduces transportation costs. Also, plastic Slip-Sheets are environmentally-friendly being fully recyclable in a closed-loop system, where old slip sheets can be recycled into new ones.

• Moisture and Bacteria Resistant
• Non-porous-no bacteria growth or insect larvae
• High Tensile Strength (Pull Resistance)
• Hygienic Cleaner Platform
• Maximize Shipping Space
• Maximize Warehouse Space
• Less expensive than wood pallets
• 100% reusable and recyclable

• Sheets are manufactured in custom sizes
• Material: Made primarily of recycled high density polyethylene HDPE
• Our slip sheet take loads of 2,000 to 2,400 pounds

Special Folk Truck Attachments

These attachments vary in price but are well worth the investment saving you both money on pallets and transportation, they are much more easy to handle and store than pallets these sheets will prove to be a very wise choice in the long term.

truck 1
truck 2

Push/Pull attachment grips and pulls the sheet with goods on it back onto the folks

on truck
The Slip-Sheet is griped by a special rubber clamp preventing any damage to the sheet

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